How long it takes to install after buying

How long does the game take to end up installing after I buy it because It has been pending for a very long time in Google app stores…but it has deducted the amount of money from my account… please help me understand why it is taking so long

Depending on your storage and device. Takes a good 25 seconds to a minute. Shouldn’t take more then 40 seconds.

Hey Splash welcome to the community, you just bought the game correct?

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Congratulations on purchasing the game, hope you enjoy it

If the initial download is taking long please check the following

  • How quick is your internet
  • How much storage do you have
  • Are you downloading/updating anything in the background?

If you notice any of the following please let us know.


Issues such as these, is generally due to corrupt or faulty cache in Google Play Store. This is assuming that you are using the same Google account as you were using at the time of the app purchase.
To resolve your issue, please try the steps given in the help article linked below:


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