How long is beta testing?

A few people told me the a330 is currently in beta testing which is apparently the last phase of testing. How long does this phase usually take? Because I just bought a months worth of global and I’m wondering if it’s gonna run out before the 330 is out. Cheers.


Well it depends if there are bugs that may ruin the experience so it could be a few weeks up to a few months.
They did say 21.4 wouldn’t be a long way after 21.3 so just be patient it will be here soon. :)

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It depends. The purpose of the beta testing phase to check that every single aspect of the update is functioning properly and ready to go. These aspects include the aircraft, device performance, and any additional parts of the update, and if bugs/issues are spotted, staff will try to address it prior to launching the update. It just depends on how many bugs/issues pop up during the beta testing phase.

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Once the bugs have been found and resolved then it will be released.

The whole point of beta is to find and fix any issues before the official release to ensure a smooth release and a happy customer 😉

Ah, how long has the 330 been in beta? (If it is in beta lol)

For a few days now

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It is in beta, yes! I’m not sure when exactly it was put into beta but if we go by this image:

It’s been in flight since the 22nd of June.

If I had to take educated guesses I would say 3 weeks.

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Ah Christ. Well I guess I can’t play with it til December so 😂

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I would say you won’t be waiting till December, don’t worry 😉

Nah the next time I can get a sub is December. I only have a month rn.

Fingers crossed it’s out within this month

Yes it will totally be out before December. (Unless there are MAJOR issues)


There’s a high chance it might come out this month but if not it might come early next month. I don’t have any inside knowledge on this so don’t trust me 100%. I’m only going by what they said on the release of 21.3 that the A330 will come soon after.

Being patient is essential, it shouldn’t take too many days, i think.

Fingers crossed 😅

Yeah I’m tryin but I just dropped 10.50 and hoping that the a330 is comin out this month, not trying to be one of THOSE people but like yk?

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And long as it needs to be for Infinite Flight to be satisfied with the product for release