How long have you been playing Infinite flight?

In January 2020 I did my first ever IF live flight

I’m Playing IF now since about 4-5 Years

Started playing on Global since October 2020, but without being in PRO mode, I started playing in 2013 on my cousin’s Ipad. I remember that time well, I was a kid and didn’t understand much about aviation, so I did a lot of hard landings thinking it was smooth! Hahahaha

Discovered the game back in 2018, I remember that my first flight ever was departing from EHAM (because I was on vacation at Amsterdam at that moment) and was on an Air France A320. I haven’t played it on a regular basis, but I was definitely in love with this game.

Bought Pro 2 weeks ago for 1 month to see how it would look like, and mainly because, as I’m a minor, I hadn’t ever asked my mom to pay a game for me - even less a subscription - but I might buy another month if I feel like I miss it.

I started in the end at 2017, joined the Community in 2018 and got PRO in October 2018.

Ive started in 2014 but joined the ifc in 2015

Must be 2015… At the past KNUC was most popular airport :D Nowadays anybody fly there.

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Almost 4 years lol

July 7, 2012. IF replaced a shuttle sim that I owned and was fairly simple in every aspect. I wanted more and IF delivered, even back then.

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since 2015 or something like that. yup a long time indeed

1 year 2 months 😏🤣

I’m an IF boomer. Since 2012…

I miss the space shuttle, and this was also when Infinite Flight had two games. One primarily for the space shuttle, and then IF.

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I love to say that I have been simulating the IF debut for a while. I can say that from there until now it is very good how it evolved and happy that it evolves more and more every day.!
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Oh wow yes I remember that lol

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Wow !!! I loved it so much. Too bad there are no more, but it was a lot of fun.

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Been using IF since 2014. That was back when all you had was the pre recorded ATC in the back ground which I miss very much.

got it back in early 2017, but never started playing for real till mid 2019

Been playing since the start of 2016 and havent looked back since. no regrets

September 2020 for me.

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