How long have you been playing Infinite flight?

I started playing around 2014 with no idea what I was doing, I didn’t really touch the game until 2019, I didn’t have pro then so I only played a few times. then last summer in 2020 I got pro and have been playing ever since,

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I started in 2019… Almost been playing for two years now. Seen huge improvements in the sim since then.

Started in 2013

image since 2013 almost 8yrs!

I’ve been playing IF since the summer of 2020. I bought pro for the whole summer. After that I took a 2 month break and didnt return til November. Since then, I’ve been playing for 3 months straight.

Too long.

Since 2018 with a couple breaks in between

Since about 2012, my dad had it on his spare iPad (which then became my iPad, but now I am waiting for a new iPad since that one is an iPad 2). I was 5 back then, and my dad wanted me to try it out. Since 2013 or 2014 I was playing it quite often as a GAME. But it was like 3-4 years ago when aviation became a proper hobby, and IF became more than just a game for me. Some people playing since 2018 and 2019 saying they have seen improvements. If you think those improvements are huge, you never knew what IF used to look like…

Since 2016! I actually downloaded it in 2016, stopped for a year and came back around 2017.

I’m in Infinite Flight since the end of 2015 ! It’s à long Journey until Today !

I started playing around with it a few months after it arrived to the App Store. I didn’t really take flying too seriously, or do it that much. It wasn’t long after live arrived, I started doing it quite a bit and taking it seriously

I have been playing infinite Flight ever since June 22 2018 and Just got pro as of recent as of December 23, 2020

happy birthday, @Jet_Aviationxx !!!

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Thank you!!

I would say I’ve been playing Infinite flight since 2017 but only got Pro in 2019.

I started playing IF in mids 2012 in Solo Mode, and bought Pro a little bit before Global came out, I kept playing until early 2019, stopped playing, and started again in December 15, 2020

I’ve been playing since the day it came out. I remember looking for a flight sim on the app store right when my parents bought me my first phone, IF looked the most realistic even in its early days. I never expected it would have grown to be this big. Simply amazing!


I started playing a LONG time ago, just after the first release! I joined the community a few years ago but then I took a break for a while, now i’m back!

they had a space shuttle in IF

2012 I guess