How long have you been playing Infinite flight?

Since February 2016 :)

Since 2015. I recall the Space shuttle option, which was a 20° glide slope plunge and frantic flare to touchdown! Miss that feature…


Joined in 2017, left for a while and came back in 2020

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I probably started around 2015, kinda left for a couple years and started playing again in 2019, decided to get pro which was one of the best decisions ever lol

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started around 2017.

Early 2016 so just in time to play around with pre global which was fun. Ever since then I have been playing IF and has been an amazing journey

2018 and im playing solo Lol

Mid March 2015 for me, I got live August the same year.

So just under 6 years

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2018 here, but only really got involved last year

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I’ve been here since I think 2013, I don’t remember that much.

What I remember is that we had to pay for regions and planes!

Other things I remember from those times was the excitement for the introduction of multiplayer, when literally everyone spawned at KHAF in B737s, A380s and so on! The ranking system was way too different from today’s, which worked on a pilot’s percentage, making flying to BRAVO airports a luxury back then!

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Only 1 month

About 2 years before Infinite Flight went Global.
So I’ve been playing for almost 6 years :D

Nearly 2 months for me, and
I can’t understand why I never found it ages ago?!

I’m on Android, and IF really didn’t shout out at me on the Play Store… I tried X-Plane for a while, based on my awareness of it as a ‘serious’ sim on PC, and although the scenery was very good, as a flying experience X-Plane mobile was very frustrating. Controls and navigation very difficult I found.

So IF was a revelation with its superb UI, map and flight plan features, and ease of cockpit controls. No, you’re not touching a real looking throttle or flap lever, but there’s a real chance to gain proper control over the plane while referring to a map and communicating all at the same time! That’s a huge plus for IF, and means I can excuse obvious issues such as the giant concrete parking lots that are our airports 😉

I started back in the beginning of 2016

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I first downloaded the app in 2015, went global in 2016

September 2011

I also started playing when the Space Shuttle was in IF. I really miss it :(

I started in 2013 and went global in 2016

Started in 2015 on my mom’s ipad.
(she didn’t know it cost money until it was too late)

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Around 2014-2015