How long have you/a family member been interested in Aviation

How Long Have You Been Interested In Aviation?

Howdy Fellow Infinite Flight Community Members! Today I was trying to remember my very first time flying on a real plane.

Thankfully, my father came around and told me that I’ve loved planes before I was even 3 years old and that I would look at the planes whenever he carried me to his job at my local airport (he is a ATC). He said I would sit on a table and look outside the ATC tower.

I would love to here when you guys started loving aviation.

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I started getting into aviation around the age of 8. I remember looking up and seeing jumbos fly over myself, and immeadetly developing an obsession with aviation.

If I remember properly The first I flew was 5 hours straight from my home town and it was just one month after my birth and the best thing that suprised the cabin crew attendants was I didn’t cry throughout the flight …it was generally because whenever I would have food…like as soon as I finished my last bite I would dozz of to sleep…!


Since I was 4 or 5, I got my first aviation magazine at the age of 5 (I couldn’t read half the stuff, but that’s how I learnt what EADS was) and have loved flying and aircraft since


Yeah the thing that I got into aviation was when I used to be at recess at school and I would see planes fly over and I also like going into cockpits

I always loved flying as a kid. I just knew I loved it, the thrill of the takeoff and being 37000 feet above the ground, I loved it. I sat in cockpits because the captains were nice like every kid.

When I first seriously got into aviation was when my grandpa gifted me a copy of X-Plane 10 for my terrible Lenovo laptop, I couldn’t fly anything but I loved it. I soon started to ID aircraft like the A380, I was eating at a local restaurant outside with my freinds whena Qatar A380 flew over, and I said “ooo, so coo, a Qatar A380” and their parents were stunned. It made me so happy, I continued learning and got to the place where I am today.

Oh time, yea, I was given my X-plane copy at grade 3, so about 5 years now


Honestly who knows… I’ve been flying since I was 6 months old but I prob really got into it around 7-8 years old and still love it. I still am that little kid that goes to the window and watches planes pull up to the gate


Around five years ago, when I was about 7 or 8, I flew from KJFK-MDPC. I argued with my dad whether or not we are flying on a 757 or a 737. It turns out that you can just press the Details drop down on the Delta website and see the aircraft in use. This really sparked my passion of aviation, I just liked the feel of flying so high above the world, and how cool the planes were. But as a few months passed, I became interested in other things, so aviation was dead inside of me.

5 years later, I flew on an A320 (finally I knew the aircraft). Few months after that, I started looking in the air a lot and I saw multiple Airbus A380s approaching KJFK airport. This really sparked aviation back into my mind, and I remembered that a Lufthansa 747-400 was parked next to us at KJFK when I flew to MDPC. In May, I purchased IF, I joined the forum a month later, and I know much, much more than I did 5 years ago. I go plane spotting often, and I am collecting lots of Airplane model collectibles. I might buy an airport soon.

To make a long story short, I love aviation.


Around 2008-2009 my twin brother (@MasterZekrom), and I became interested in aviation and ever since the trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space, it “boosted” our passion of aviation.


I started getting into Aviation 6 - 7 Months, I was looking at Videos of 9/11 and I saw FX2004 Remake of the video So i clicked it,Then I started getting into Air disasters and those were the only videos I was watching, At some point I saw a multiplayer video of Infinite Flight pre global,(Really old Video)I got interested and bought it,Back then I couldn’t tell the Difference between a A330 and a B777,But Now I know all types of aircrafts and now Im Starting a Gemini jet collection and is on the Hunt for a Delta A350.


@Shadow87645 Are you hunting for a Delta A350 model or IRL?

What inspired my aviation interests were my parents.

My mom worked for an airline so, it made my family and I “Broke Fliers”.
We didn’t have to pay for bags or tickets. Our flying was solely based on if there was enough seats on a flight. Now we could only fly United and SkyWest operated aircraft, but it still allowed us to fly to many places. It was because of this and me learning more about the aviation industry through my mom, I grew fascinated with travel and flight. We were able to fly to many, many places even though we aren’t the best financially.


He is looking for a model.

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Hunting,Not trying to spend too much money on 1 plane

It all started on a Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to SFO. I was about 4 and was on board the A380. Completely out of nowhere, the captain came to my parents and asked if he could take me to the cockpit. It was almost like the captain knew I was supposed to love aviation! As soon as I went into the cockpit, it was love at first sight, and from there aviation was my biggest passion and interest!!

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For me, many years ago, when I thought Frontiers A321’s were 757-300’s! I live by KDEN and many times a day, planes fly over or near my house flying to the west coast. Travelling is an essential, but avation makes it more fun and makes me happy

I always wanted to become a pilot. My parents said your eyes are not good enough… my life since has been wasted! Next time round (?), i’ll do it, definitely.

I have been interested in aviation since I was 2. Ever since I took my first flight I was hooked and it continues to this day

I have been a fan of aviation since 2016

Hey! First of all a very nice topic! I have been an aviation fan since I was about 4 years old so since about 1988 when I went to airshows and photocalls (all military) with my father who has been a spotter since the 70’s… we still go to airshows and spotterdays regularly but now we also do day trips to civil aviation fields. Currently trying to get my 1,5 year old daughter interested in aviation (as much as my wife lets me lol)

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