How long does the solo replay last?

Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone know how long the solo replay lasts for. This is for video editing purposes and I need to know an EXACT time.

Would be greatly appreciated if a dev could reply as the know exactly how long it lasts for!

Thanks :)


You have a good question I think that solo replay is for the whole time you fly so from spawning to the end

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It isn’t, if you do long flights you can’t see the beginning of your flight.


Oke I didn’t know that

Probably about 30 mins I would estimate, but why don’t you record as you fly?

This is definitely the correct answer. The replay starts from the start of your flight until the landing and it resumes being a liveplay of whatever you are doing at that moment.

No, the replay shows the last 5 minutes of a flight.


Hmmm I thought in solo mode it showed you the entire flight.

I believe it is the last 3 minutes of your flight, the three minutes before you hit replay.
3 minutes, to answer your question, I think…
Hope this helps!

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Around 5-3 minutes I believe. I have done some testings cruising from Paris to Avord and it only records 1/5 of the flight

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I suggest you test and measure this yourself: fly for 10 mins and count the replay minutes.

Happy editing


Maybe it has to do with how much free space is on your device? I could certainly be wrong about that…

So I’ve just tried it out, and watching the replay in real time, I timed it at 6:50. As for free space, I only have 225mb. Sorry for any misinformation I spread


I’ve got a 128GB device, its definitely not to do with storage

Maybe not that long, I did flights at solo and I probably estimate about 5 or 10 minutes.


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