How long does it take you to reach cruising altitude?

I was wondering when everyone usually reaches their cruising altitude after takeoff. It usually takes me about 15 minutes but I feel like I climb too quickly.

I climb at a vs of 2500 at 250kt below 10000ft and 340kt above 10000ft

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15 minutes is waaaaay too soon, unless ur crusing below FL300, 15 min seems more like a TOD at FL250

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I shoot up anywhere from 3000-5000 fmp. Usually only about 10 minutes. I’m too lazy for the whole climbing process

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When I do long hauls I do step climbs

I usually reach cruise after 10-20 minutes of the departure

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I probably climb way to quickly but I usually do 3,000 to 10,000 feet, and 2500ish from there to cruise

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I go

Under FL100: +2500fpm/250kts
Above FL100: +2200fpm/285-320kts (depending on aircraft)
Above FL280: +1600fpm/Mach is variable on aircraft.


Everything depends on your aircraft weight, cruise altitude, airport altitude, speed and vs

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I keep a solid 85% N1 and then adjust my pitch to keep my speed all the way up the climb.


I usually always use the climb to cruise tutorial as a reference for climbing in short/medium hauls, until I reach mach climb and go from about 1500-1000 fpm, however in long hauls I normally use fixed V/S at specific altitudes.


I try using step climbs but I’m always way higher than that altitude

At what altitude do you put it to 85% N1?

Depending on which aircraft and also weight/flight time, I step climb on long flights, but climb anywhere from 1800-3000 ft/min
Usually 15-25 minutes to cruise

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You should be cruising 17-20 minutes after departure if you climb realistically.


I always use this website!
It shows the best way to climb for each aircraft, i have it on the A359 but you can go any aircraft you want!

Really, any aircraft
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Let’s be simple 4 min per 10000 ft

Between 10 and 30 minutes. I’ve seen a SWA flight climb to FL400 in 12 minutes on FR24.

I am correcting myself, 20 minutes max, not 25
I climb roughly 1800-2500 feet/min

I normally reach cruise around 25-35 minutes after departure, depending on my weight mainly.