How long does it take until the "Active" state switches to Inactive?

So I’ve thought about this just recently. With the new update bringing more detail to how ATC and Pilot information is being communicated across wether it’s actively or passively. Now my question is regarding the feature in which ATC can see whether a pilot is deemed “Active” or “Inactive”.
How long does the “Active” state last until it switches to Inactive?

A couple minutes, at least.

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Is that an estimate or a guesstimate. I ask because that could be huge for a couple of people on here. For me for example I do long hauls overnight and sometimes I just want to get to cruise and then immediately go to sleep, and now with Center in here it adds a couple more minutes for me to have to manage and supervise my flight until everything is clear. Now I understand that its obviously my responsibility no matter what time of day, but I would also like to have some more information about it so we can all feel more comfortable and improve our planning.

Roughly ~2 minutes. Expert Center Controllers have been informed not to try to establish communication with anyone that has a yellow dot - meaning that they are away from their device. Training Server ATC - They aren’t trained and there’s no way to ensure that they follow this rule. You will go “Inactive” after 2 minutes and will remain “Inactive” until you tap on your device again which then the 2 minute timer begins all again.

Enjoy your flight and rest up! Nothing to worry about! Let me know how it goes!


Oh okay thank you. And sorry to bother but one last question to clear my doubts. That yellow dot you speak of, does that represent the pilot not touching the screen. So if I climb to cruise contact center and do everything I gotta do, the second I don’t touch the screen does it turn yellow or is there some sort of cooldown time? Thank you in advance.

As soon as you leave your device alone for 2 minutes - That yellow dot will appear from the previous green dot. This indicates that you are inactive and not present at your device/not focused on the flight at that time. I would recommend getting to the cruising phase of your flight before getting ready to head to sleep/head out and about. But 2 minutes after you do that, you can walk away from your device with ease - knowing that everything will be alright! :)

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Okay thank you, that’s really important. Honestly I would say to share this with others, because I feel like there will be some people like me who just wanna hit the hay the second that plane reaches FL300. This could prevent violations.

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Yup 100%. On the Training Server, you will never obtain violations for not communicating with ATC properly. On the Expert Server however, IFATC has been specifically instructed to go easy on ghosting pilots for the first few days and overall to not ghost people on the center/approach frequencies who have a yellow dot in their tag while cruising. It is important however to maintain present at your device for the crucial stages of your flight (Departure and Climb, and Arrival and Approach) and to follow all ATC instructions when present at your device.

But as soon as you go inactive - unless you’re obviously obstructing traffic… You wont be bothered

Enjoy your flight! :)


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