How long does it take to make a new aircraft or livery?

Hello, IFC,

I would like to know how long it takes for the developers to make a new aircraft and livery in ♾ ✈️.
If this is classified, feel free to close this topic and make me feel like a breach :)
Thank You!


That’s a good question. I have been thinking about that a lot recently.


Well… that makes two of us :)

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Does anyone have an answer?

Devs, maybe?

Im assuming it depends on the detail and complexity of the aircraft. For example the A-10 with the working gauges and all, I am guessing would have taken longer than the 737 rework but I could be wrong.


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Watch the stream/video below and skip to 39:35, there you will find the answer. :)


Wow, thank you!

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Much longer than I expected, thank you, devs!

Great topic and reply!

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