How long does it take to get TL3?

The title is self-explanatory…

By the way, I’m not exactly sure if this belongs in Meta, so don’t get too mad at me if I’m wrong


This may be helpful:

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I have heard through the grapevine that it can take a very long time.

That is similar, but I’m not desperate though, so there is a difference

Hmmmmmm ok sure

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It all depends on your activity,
I remember I was Regular after 6 months or so. It can take a while.

Oh ok, how active were you in that time?

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It’s not a matter of when you become TL3, it’s if you become TL3. It requires extensive dedication to make it to TL3. There’s a reason why there are only 80 of us.


Yeah true that. Isn’t it just based on how you put on an example for others and be helpful around the community and just be really active?

Depends from matureness, from level of activeness, and overall dedication. It took me about 1 year and 2 months, because I’ve went through some bad times when I was here. I know some people that it took them a mere 2-4 months to get regular. It’s really just dependent on so many factors.

I strongly advise you not to farm. It will not help you, and can result with your TL being locked. Just be active, and contribute in a positive way.

Please don’t think that just being active is going to help. It will not.


You’re point is exactly correct, I usually pay no attention to it and, yes be active and contribute in a positive way. It also takes patience too though

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It depends on how you are acting, your maturity, helpfulness, et cetera. Personally it took me 7 months from my comeback to the IFC but you shouldn’t be expecting a precose figgure because it can shift, it can longer, can be shorter, maybe you’re not doing enough…



Let’s be honest, we so much spam or repetition of posting for those obviously trying to achieve or maintain TL3.

Each user is different.

As stated above, just because you’re TL3, doesn’t mean you’ll stay it. Being TL3 earns a trusted position in the community, and that comes with responsibilities. Break this trust by being off topic, not changing or not asking users things etc, and our trust will be taken, decreasing our level in the community.

So if you wonder why we PM you, or ask you to change to the guidelines and stuff, that’s not personally us, it’s what we are actually instructed to do as TL3.

Excuse me, are you talking about me posting this, or other people?

Fair point, well at least I’m learning from you guys right now

It was a generalisation aimed at absolutely nobody in particular.

Oh ok cool

You’d have to be necroposting for about over half a year if you wanted to get TL3. There is such a thing called TL lock. Not all Trust Levels are gained, or lost by the system. Also we do take note of this if such users do this. :)


Well that makes it even better too though, Because the system can sometimes be a little sketchy