How long does it take to develop a livery?

Title explains, I want to now how long it takes to develop a livery. It has interested me on how IF devs do it quickly.


I’m not sure on the exact length on how long it takes to develop a livery, but obviously it would depend on the complexity of the livery, if they are starting the livery from scratch or updating an already existing livery etc.

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I agree. Bold statement

Multiple factors go into developing the livery.

  1. Like @Declan_O said, whether it’s from scratch or just an update.
  2. The 3D modeling and HEX codes need to be on point.
  3. Needs to be compatible with the code for any animated object. (Doors, Wipers, etc)
  4. Number of devs working on it.

Have every one of those down and you got a livery.

I know there’s more factors, but that’s what I think.


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