How long does it take for a recruiter to reply?

I meassaged several IFATC recruiters to do the test but I have been waiting for 2 weeks now. Does it always take that long? Or is it because I am a basic user?

Here’s a pretty helpful topic regarding IFATC recruiting and the time it may take:


Only message one recruiter. Ask Tyler if it’s really been 2 weeks, or simply bump the message, the recruiters can be quite busy as @MrMrMan mentioned, so a little message bump can be a friendly reminder.


When the rules stipulate contacting one only?


Please note the part where it says to only contact one recruiter, and that you may be disqualified if you don’t follow the guidelines. :)


Be patient :)

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Recruiters can take 3-4 days.
More info - Recruiters Have Lives
When i was waiting i filled in my time by practicing.
IFATC Training Manual
Review the Public ATC manual, open an airport, get some pilots to fly patterns. etc.


That’s the training manual. Aspiring IFATC should review the following manual:
IFATC Public Manual

Have a look at this, this should explain it.

@AwesomeFlyer Can you please share which recruiters you contacted and when you first contacted them? We will be glad to get you a status.

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I think I see the problem… Neither of those two individuals you messaged are listed as recruiters in the Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting thread. Please refer to the linked thread and follow the instructions listed there.

For others inqurining, there are a few reasons that you may not get a reply. Including but not limited to:

  • Contacting more than one recruiter
  • Not providing enough information. Following instructions is a key skill in IFATC. If you send a note that simply says “I want to be IFATC” nobody is going to reply. Follow the instructions. This is so the busy recruiters time is not wasted.
  • Sometimes they are just busy. Be patient.Keep in mind weekends, holidays, etc.

If you contacted a recruiter, provided all the required information, and have not heard a response in a few days (3-5 days), please message a moderator and we can check on the status for you. Do not message other recruiters.