How long does IFATC training take?

I apologize in advance if this was already answered but how long does ifatc training take. Because I recently took the practical test and I failed, And want to apply to training

On average, I’ve found that on average, local training can take about 6 to 10 sessions (2-3 weeks give or take). Then again, this really depends on if you have any experience already, and how you learn. Some people will naturally take more time to grasp the concepts than others. How long your training will take depends on the frequency of your sessions too and how long you spend on the waitlist before getting a trainer.


I will usually only be able to do it on Saturdays and Sundays and give a bit of experience

It’s really hard to tell. A lot of factors have to take into account. Learning ability, you need to have a good knowledge of the ATC Manual. Your flying experience on the ES. And so on. It really differs. Some will do it in just a few weeks. Others need months. It also depends if you fail on first try or not.

As @Black_Bird said, it can really depend based on many different factors. If you have a specific time goal in mind, you can communicate that with your trainer and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure something out.

However if you’re training to make sure you’re fully prepared, if you finish at the lower end of the average (5-6 sessions), that would take 3 weekends. Once again this can really vary though and you might only need 1 weekend or you might end up needing a month.


And could take sometimes ab bit longer then 6-10 Sessions. I heard from some one, he took 76 sessions for his officer!

Officer training definitely takes much longer. We’re talking about local though

Okay I’m just looking to do the local. And how long is the wait list right now

There’s no set waitlist time. It really depends on how your availability matches with the trainers who have time to take a new trainee. If you’re be interested, feel free to DM me and I’d be happy to help if I can.

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But there was only one who banned nearly 50 pilots in his first IFATC session … on the training server



Mine took only 3 sessions through 4-5 days, however 3 is I think that is the minimum. A lot of people have more sessions than that spread through weeks. It all depends at your starting level when beginning training

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Entirely depends on how quick you learn/your existing knowledge base. I took 3 sessions over 3 days and then I took my practical on the 4th. When I applied for training, I had a 92 (I believe?) on the written test and a lot of flying experience but no other ATC experience. You can do it too!

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Thank you!!!

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me who took 2 sessions and then took the exam…


@Butter575 who didn’t take any sessions and then the exam…

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I tried not to take any sessions and then the exam and then I failed.

It takes as long as you need to become a fully fledged member

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They thought it was too good to be true 🤣


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