How Long do you play Infinite flight and belong to the Infinite Flight Community?

Curiosity When did you guys play Infinite flight and belong to the Infinite Flight Community? And also how did you discover the Community ?? I remember that I discovered the community of the Infinite flight cause of my friend who told me, that it was cool that it was here that they voted for the lives and that’s how I met this great community !! I simulate in Infinite Flight is already a 3 years !!

I got Infinite Flight in September 2013, and joined the IFC in December 2016

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Found it just a few months before Live came out. I got into the forum around late 2016. When Global came out, that’s when I really got active.


I really began to become active after global came out but I joined September of last year.


I found IF around 2015, and found out about the community because of that new GUI that showed upcoming events on the forums, clicked one, and ended up here.

Have for over 4 years. Stopped playing it for a long time. Came back like a month or two before global and haven’t stopped playing. I only discovered the community back in Nov. 17.

We have a number of these threads already on “How old were you when you started?”, “When Did you start playing?”, etc. Do we really need another one with the small twist on when and how did you find the community?

And a few in the lounge around the same topics.

It’s just starting to get old…


Okay , For me delete topic ?

I have been playing infinite flight since 2014. I try to keep my flights as realistic as possible. (All of my 14 violations were because I forgot to turn on auto speed and my plane went too fast) Always would vote for A330, 777, Erj reworks.

I’ve been playing infinite flight for a year and been in the IFC for 11 months

I play infinite flight since 2013
And on the comunite arround 4/5 months

Got IF: 11/24/17
Joined IFC: New year’s eve

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i was 9 years old when i started to play IF but 11 years old when i joined the IFC

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4 years I played before I joined

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