How long do I have to wait to get a level 3 violation cleared?

I am extremely annoyed to the fact that I have received a level 3 violation for the wrong reason. I was at Chicago o’hare about to do a flight to Heathrow when I pushed back and proceeded to taxi to runway 28R when I got my take off clearance I taxied onto the runway when I realised before I went to takeoff power that I was on the wrong runway that was linked to 28R the controller quickly reminded me that I was on the wrong runway. So I apologised and proceeded to exit the runway, and before I even get of the runway I get kicked Instantly. I’ve never been so fuming the airport wasn’t even that busy nor was the runway even in use at the time for departures or arrivals. Answers would be appreciated.

If you believe that it was issued unfairly then you can send a message to @appeals. Otherwise Level 3 violations take 7 days to expire.


Hey, are you able to go into your logbook and find the display name of the controller who reported you? Once this is done we will be able to put you in contact with them and you can discuss the violation with the controller via pm.

I don’t know I checked before but will check again.

Will do thanks

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