How long do I exactly have to wait? - Violations

I know the violations will always be there, but how long do I exactly have to wait? It’s almost been a week not and it’s only decreased by one number? Do I actually have to wait six weeks before I can obtain grade 3?

Thanks, Sam


You just have to wait exactly 7 days from the time you received those violations. If it’s been close to a week, you should have your grade back in a day or two.


I hope so, I’m starting to think I’ll be stuck in the training servers forever.

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Take a look at your logbook. You can see which flight you had violations and then exactly 7 days from that exact time the first will fall off.

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All 7 have been accumulated over the pst month randomly.

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So you have 6 reports in the last 7 days. You received 3 violations on Feb 3rd. 6:08pm, 6:09pm, and 11:26pm. (All times zulu)

Monday at 11:27pm zulu those three would have fallen off.

I also suggest that you pay more attention to your speed on the ground. All of these violations give warnings before the violation is handed out.


First tip is: “Stop summing violations”. You can find several tutorials here about how avoiding them. You will be back at Grade 3 after 7 days from your last violation on.

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Also remember that violations are removed on the exact second one week later. If you got a violation on February 16th at 1:17 PM and 32 seconds, your violation will be removed on February 23rd at 1:17 PM and 32 seconds.

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