How long did you take to reach expert server?

Hi IFC! I am Grade 2 right now and I was wondering how much longer it would take to get Grade 3 hence I’m asking you guys!

I honestly don’t even remember how long it took me the first time.

As for how long it’ll take you to get to Grade 3, that’s a question with infinite solutions. How many hours separate you from the flight time requirement for Grade 3, and how often are you willing to fly? How much XP separates you from qualifying for Grade 3? Will you be able to maintain your violations/landings ratio? Will you be able to maintain the minimum landing requirement?

I wouldn’t rush trying to get to Grade 3. After all, slow and steady wins the race.

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Personally, it took me about 1 week. It was when I first purchased membership in Infinite Flight, about 1 year and a few months ago. I am currently at grade 5

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Dang you have been grinding, I keep getting down graded to grade 3 💀


I was grade 2 same just do a long haul or extra long haul flight and then my game crashed for got some hours and made it to grade 3


It took me 28 days to get to Expert from scratch. I went on holiday in the middle which is why it took a while. I recommend just flying as usual and doing a few touch n goes with a friend

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I think it took me a month or so
I bought a new subscription the day 21.3 was released

I think everyone reaches the expert server or certain grades all at different times. I guess I wouldn’t really put a timeline on it. It’s all up to the user. It really just depends on your commitment, or things in the way like time constraints. You’ll get there and it’s very rewarding when you do. Keep flying!

I remember racing my brother to get to grade 3 and it took me around a week to do it

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In all reality, it’s really up to you! There is a set board of minimum stats required to reach Grade 3. This pretty much leaves it up to you as to how much you fly, and how many landings you get. So honestly you could reasonably have it within the next week or so.

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It took me 3 days from grade 1 but it was during summer holiday so I had time to long haul and I did a lot of T/G, don’t take this as an exemple because after that, I got a level 2 violation due to my inexperience for ATC communication.

@Bbb Grind at the speed you want but it will not take long 😉

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