How long did it take you to reach the Expert Server?

  • 50+ Hours
  • 40-50 Hours
  • 30-40 Hours
  • 20-30 Hours
  • 10-20 Hours
  • 0-10 Hours…? (But how…?)
  • I’m not there yet

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I got once to expert. Then when the limits were raised I said to myself “why bother?”.

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My account had access to expert the second I opened it.

I’m a master like that.


Back when the standing system was in place, I had just enough standing to get on the brand new Advanced ATC server (now know as Expert). It had just been added, and I already had enough standing to use it.

I got into the advanced server when XP didn’t matter and standing did. This was during the early days of live. Then a little while later after not having live for some time I realised I couldn’t access it anymore so it took me a month or two and I was back and even never not been able to access it since.


I’m on the Expert server after a few hours of flying each time I get Live. It took me about 20 hours to get there in the first place.


I remember myself bout a year or 2 ago after getting live after long…I went out scouting n landing bout all airport in San Fran…I swear in about 2dayds I had 100℅ standing n experience…whatsoever I don’t remember that system anymore…was anyone here from that time when KHAF(half moon bay) was the LAX of TS1 today?..I was…n after those 2days I finally landed in KSFO…such a big achievement…now all that gr8 stuff of that time looks so small!

Back when I had live, I got there in around 25 hours. :)

I took quite awhile probably close to a month to get into the then advanced server with the standing system.

When the new system came in i still maintained the advanced server access.

It was only until a few months later that i went into advanced though, i took those few months to familiarise the atc instructions

When the XP was still 10,000, I got there there within a week. But after they raised it, it took me about 10 days to get back.

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