How long did it take you to get to trust level 2

I have been on IFC for almost a month and I’m still on trust level 1


Give this one a read buddy. The trust level requirements are slightly different here than on other discourse forums 🤗


Also, please move this to #meta . To answer your question, ut took me almost a year.


It took me just like 20 days


It took me a long while to get to Member. I started using my daily liking limit in the #screenshots-and-videos and #real-world-aviation categories, and added good comments in the end of topics. I also tried to be involved into different discussions, and helped users if I could in the #meta category and #support.

Try this trick everyday and you will hopefully get there soon, or a couple of weeks max! It’s all about involvement and engagement.


1 year abouts


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take a year to get to TL2 unless you literally do nothing on the forum. 🤔

Unless you are all getting confused with Regular/TL3.

Just keep active and contribute a little for a couple weeks at most and you’ll have access to all Trust Level 2 needs.


Just nearly a month.

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Thanks for replying everyone

Ok, I just looked. I didn’t realise how inactive I was at the start. Turns out
I didn’t do much until about March, and
I got Member in April Mayish, so sorry, a month then.

It took me a month, so not too bad. I’m not the most active member on the forum so I would say if you revisited and did everything that @Kuba_Jaroszczyk said everyday you should get it in maybe a week or two :)

I just active in IFC on April,then got Level 2 around May.

Few weeks.

About 3 weeks for me. Seems to just depend how active you are

It took me about 3-5 weeks until I got TL2

Just under 2 years :^)

Maybe about 6 months or so.

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