How long did it take you to get to TL2?


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I’m just wondering, by personal experience, how long it took you to reach TL2.


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Have a look here

It varies.


3 years, 7 months, 4 days, 16 hours, 17 minutes, 52 seconds and 10 milliseconds.


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Regarding to your question, it will depend how frequently you participate in the forums. It took a month for me.

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It took me 50 days to get TL2

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1 year
2 months
3 days
4 hours
5 minutes
6 seconds
7 milliseconds


Not a long time. Just visit everyday and post everyday. You should be TL 2 in no time:)

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Perhaps somewhere over a month

That Status isn’t realible anymore. Our Moderators have changed the status from the default status on that link to prevent from farming TLs

It took around a month before I got TL2


Ok, I wonder how to know the requirements for our forum’s trust levels?

Our Moderators prefer to disclose the status to public. This is made to prevent TL farming

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Makes sense 😊
Good idea

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thanks guys for info

665 years and 363 days.

Twenty-three seconds.

In all seriousness, I don’t exactly know. Three weeks, maybe?

It sneaks up on ya like a ninja.


It took me 29 days, just stay super active and you will be there in no time.

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Took me 2-3 weeks I think. I don’t even remember being basic or new.

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There’s been like 10 of these topics before and every answer is ‘it happens when it happens.’

Just be patient. ;)
Took me 48 days.


30 days exactly. not 15 like the standard discourse rule