How long did it take you to get to Expert Server (G3)

For me, it took me about a few months, I would come home every day flying in classic server to accumulate as much landings and flight time as possible.

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I bought Pro/Global/whatever on December 1st, 2017 and I got to G3 somewhere around December 20th so more or less 3 weeks.


Wow! That’s so fast! Took me a few months!

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I assume I was very much no-lifeing it. Also, I don’t remember if the requirements used to be different but G3 is only 50 hours and 100 landings which you could conceivably do in 2-3 days if you just fly for 50 hours straight and then do 100 touch and goes (which would take about 75 minutes).


Wow you were really no-lifeing it.


I think it took me a month maybe

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I’ve heard you can get into the Expert Server in as little as 5 minutes by contacting

This is a joke, it doesn’t actually work. Or does it?


Confirmed. I tried emailing them, and it bounced back. Still worth a shot.

I didn’t really start doing live flights until March 2023 ( I did mostly solo before then ) and I think it was early April like the 1st week when I reached G3

a whole month

Yeah it’s really possible since I did it in 7-8 days and didn’t even fly every minutes

I just took of and landed at ORD. It was casual server, but easiest way for landing. If I needed flight time, I’d just load up a long haul and let it fly for more hours.

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