How long did it take you to gain access to the Expert Server?

I’m not on expert server yet. I would like to though. But how long did it take you guys to get to expert server.

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About 2 weeks.

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Honestly I don’t remember how long it took me. I just remember that I’ve had access for a very long time. If your wondering how long it’ll take you, you can check the server requirements I put below and compare your stats. :)


Being granted access to the Expert Server does not necessarily make you qualified to fly on it. We see pilots striving to get access to the Expert Server merely because they consider it “the best” server. Usually, these individuals are not Expert Server material because they have not read or watched any tutorials about how to behave on the server correctly. These are the people we see complains about here on the forum. It’s not very hard to gain access to the Expert Server, but it’s even easier to get that access revoked (through ghosting). Make sure you are fully educated about the procedures and the expecations of pilots on the Expert Server before flying on it.

When I started flying Live, there was no Expert Server. It was called the Advanced Server. I honestly can’t remember how long it took me to gain access to it, but it was much easier to gain access to it than it currently it.


It took me a week and a half, how I did it I keep a secret

@Maxim well said

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10 months for expert and 2 weeks for training

How long you take to get to ES absolutely doesn’t matter, but it’s about if you ready.

I see a lot of pilots with enough landings to get on there but a lack of sufficient flight hours. @Maxim is certainly correct with a lot of things, like missing maturity with some of them, because next thing you know you got people complaining unacceptable behavior on the ES.

The tutorials will help you, but I’ll be your experience and how you choose to behave that will really help you get through the expert server environment for the first times and in the future.

But the truth is, there is really no difference to your flying conditions; flying is flying, it doesn’t matter. Whether you are on TS or ES you earn the same amount of xp and flight hours in one flight regardless.

I’ll leave off with the question of does it matter?

For me, I had been a Grade 3 within 2 months of starting IF but I didn’t feel ready until another 2 months later.

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About a few days. The biggest challenge was getting the amount of landings honestly.

Could of had access to the ES within a few weeks but stayed of it until I had a full understanding of what was expected of me.

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It took me about six months because I mostly do ATC on Infinite Flight which is why I bought the game and also wanted to learn the Infinite Flight community and the flying environment. In about 3 years I only have 285 Landings however 59,000 operations

I have no clue since I just came back to IF this month. Though I got reported and have till Monday to gain back (I think)

3 whole years if we consider that I purchased a 1month sub in 2016.

It was… long! haha
Between 2017-2018 didn’t have a lot of sub so I couldn’t achieve grade 3. Got a 1 year sub at Christmas. Then I got Grade 3. :)

I had the requirements finished within 6 weeks, but chose not to fly for like 3 weeks after because I thought I would mess up 😂

It took me approximately 4 years.

Would you like to tell me the secret

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