How long can the 789 fly without doing step climb?

I know it’s given in the fuel tab but that’s not at all true what’s the Actual max time a 789 can fly remember if you have done a long haul flight with the 789 which is above 24 hours pls let me know!!!

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According to the topic attached, 19:30hrs


Nope that’s wrong I heared someone doing 21 hours last week

Well, you can always save with one engine ops etc or with favorable winds. I assume those are only averages

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I did the math and if you hold FL330 the entire flight you can get around 21 hours out of it. Twin engine operations, 40% trim, no passengers or cargo.

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Hmm sound good wait a sec my cruising altitude will be fl290 at some time later I will step climb to fl310 followed by fl330, fl350, fl370 and fl390 now will I save fuel??? My passengers are 350 and cargo is 18,500kgs. Fuel is max now even I’ll try calculating, @AndrewWu you also calculate and let’s find the answer.

I don’t have the numbers for 290 and 310 nor do I have the brain to do it at this hour but judging from your passenger and cargo numbers I predict 17 hours ish

Hmm ok thanks

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