How long can the 777-200LR fly?

I want to do a 27 hour flight but I think the max time for the 777-200Lr can only fly for 20 hours max. Can you pls help me if this is true or not?

dude the LR is insane i flew over a 20hour flight without not even enough fuel for 20hours and it said i could go for another 6hours

Are u sure can you send me pictures of it?

I did a 23 hr flight from YSSY-EGLL over north America in the A359( which can only hold 22:19 hrs of fuel)

Actually my flight is like Egll-Nzaa it’s like 25 hours.

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Is nzaa Auckland?

didn’t screenshot it but this is the only proof i have it was yssy-klax

it is indeed

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Yes it is Auckland.

Ok got it.

I am doing VHHX(Kai tak) - KJFK right now
Cathy A359

Where are you right now?

Look at the map and send me a image.

I’m going over Shanghai

I found you on liveflight

Cathay 799 flight of 2

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Open up the weight and balance page and it’ll show you a fuel endurance time above the fuel sliders.