How long can it take to become IFATC after you have sent a request in?

Hey everyone! I was wondering how long it can take for a recruiter to see someone’s message and how long the process is? I don’t know if I’m Trust Level 1 also so I’m worried that might be the issue. Thanks


Trust level one is the first part so you can send a PM.

Give the recruiter time. They have other responsibilities as well so it may take a few days.


Thanks for your reply Chris, I was wondering the same thing :)

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It also helps if you followed the instructions in the post and sent all the requested information. If you just send a PM with “Hey I want to join” they might skip over it. Ability to follow instructions and attention to details are skills we are looking for.


@Chris_S Does anybody really just say “I wanna join?” Seems a bit harsh, officious and potentially off-putting to potential recruits from my point of view (and I am a potential recruit.)

Hey moderator’s could this be closed. I think this question is answered

You’re thrust level 2.🙂 Also known as member!


Thanks! Just a little heads up, I made this topic one month ago. I think one week later I became TL2 and I took my IFATC test that I did not pass😂 Thanks though

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