How long can IF keep flying without wifi?

Just wondering if anyone has a rough estimate as to how long you can keep flying when you go out of wifi or cellular coverage?
The reason I ask is because I’ll be leaving soon for a 10-15 minute car ride and I’m not sure if I should use my hotspot or not.
Any thoughts?

I’ve heard of cases where pilots could fly for an hour or so without a connection, as they stayed for the most part in one region.

I’d take that with a grain of salt though, since Infinite Flight is supposed to have a continuous internet connection to stream terrain. 10-15 minutes should be okay, but if you’re already a good way into your flight, I’d take that hotspot just to be on the safe side.

If you like bad scenery and no stats, start the flight, turn the wifi off and have fun, don’t blame me if the topography messes up though

I’m midway through a flight from PHNL-YSSY though
So if it’s disconnected for let’s say 10 minutes when I return to coverage it will go back to normal?

Depends, sometimes you reconnect, sometimes you only reconnect to the global and weather server and you get no stats

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I flew 7 hours without WiFi, when it reconects to WiFi it will load the scenery. But I fell through the ground while I landed. So, just 15 mins should be possible


I don’t mind about the stats as long as I can complete the flight so it hasn’t been all for nothing

Just left
🤞 fingers crossed everything is fine

I just arrived at my destination and reconnected to the live server okay.
Hopefully the rest of my flight can be issue free.

Thanks for your help everyone

Good it worked.

It’s risky, but most of the times it works fine. I’ve done it a couple times having a flight going on my iPad in my bag, going down in the garage. Zero coverage down there. Been fine 9/10 times… but it’s not fun the 10th time.


I don’t think it covers the XP

If he is able to reconnect to the live server, then he will get the XP :)


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