How long can can I stay connected without wifi?

Hello all.
My country is pretty useless, and we are having constant loadshedding.
We have rotations of 2 hours, meaning at a specific time, I won’t have power for 2 hours.
Now I know two hours is a lot of time, and I will likely be disconnected by then.
But I do, however, have an inverter, which can run my wifi for about 2 hours, it varies sometimes. But how long can I be disconnected from wifi without being kicked off the server.
TL;DR: What is the maximum disconnection time?

In addition to @Sashaz55, it also depends on your phone. For me it will sometimes immediately crashes after around 15 minutes.

No i am sure its way less than that. I got kicked off after being inactive for like 10 or so mins once…

My phone is stable, I am talking about server time here, not phone capability.

I’ve been told it’s 1 hour. 🤷‍♂️

oh ok, well idk 🤷‍♂️

Yes but even if it truly is 1 hour before it kicks you out the server, its best to note that the app is also prone to crashing.

Whoever told you this is, they are incorrect.

When flying through active ATC airspace, if a pilot is away from Infinite Flight for more than 30 seconds, they will be kicked from the server.

In cruise, I believe the limit is 1 min 30 seconds.

Thus, 2 hours is too long. I am afraid you will be disconnected from the server if you do not have a stable internet connection for that long.

Hope this helps :)

For me personally, my game crashed multiple times after a couple of minutes of being disconnected :/

Without wifi it’s 30 minutes for me, around 45 minutes and i’ll have issues so

I’ve done way more then 1:30 before.

Same, I think the longest I’ve lasted without connection was about 3-4 hours then successfully reconnected to the flight. I’ve also managed to last about 2 hours tabbed away from Infinite Flight (on a different connection required app) and pick back up where I left off.

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