How long can a person taxi overspeed before getting ghosted on expert server?

Yea was just wondering, for how long can a person go overspeed before getting ghosted

Is it instant or is it like 10 secs

It’d take 5 violations before the system ghosts you. IFATC however can ghost you for excessive speed in an airport environment at any point of you overspeeding

So it can be instant

Just don’t do it and it really should not be a problem


Yea but the problem is that i went 36 kt for a second and got ghosted

Ghosted by ATC, system, or do you mean a violation?

Ghosted is different than a violation. The ATC ghosted you, not the system

Ghosted by the atc

I was always talking about a ghost

Please contact the controller who ghosted you and discuss it via DM. Check your recent logs and it will tell you who ghosted you. Thanks!

Can´t you get auto ghosted for sitting on a runway afk?

That is indeed true.

If you’re on the runway too long, you get ghosted for idling.

So it says ATC reported by(IFATC Flying high) not specified. So what should i do or how can i dm him or her

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PM @anon66442947