How long are your flights?

It’s a very popular feature request but nobody knows when it will happen

Hey why don’t we see at the next event at kcvc it’s 7:00bst

Fly a Cessna 208 Caravan across Amsterdam

My flights range 20 mins.-40 mins.

Dusseldorf to Amsterdam takes about 40 minutes

In late 2012 😂 they said we have to remember this is on a mobile device. That was back it the 4s days, i mean now reigons are getting bigger each time so I guess late 2016

Really I take like 20

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He could be flying slow or you could be flying fast

I’m flying Mach .74 which is normal at 22000 feet so idk probably slow

That’s a tad slow (I would go M 0.78 at 30k-32k ft.).

For a 757 it’s fast but otherwise it’s slow