How long are your flights?

When I fly with a commercial plane my flight times are usually 40 minutes to 1hr20 minutes but I also know some people only do like 20 minute flights. I was just wondering if anyone else does flights this long or is it just me?

50 mins to 2 hours for me

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That’s awesome I will also do really long ones every here and there.

They would be much longer if we had global flight


From taxi to taxi I probably average 30 min a flight. I don’t climb but to 13k usually at 2500 VS. I will full throttle it after 10k and up too about 30 nm from ils start.

Usually 20min-1hour at or above 38,000ft. Favorite crusing alt is FL430. Often fly to more than one place as well. E.G KLAX-MMTJ-KSPS

Mine is like barely 15 minutes

Occasionally I average a 20

2hr10min from Luik België to Mallorca

On average about 15 minutes.

My flights usually last 1.5 hours, but that’s because I do a bunch of touch and go’s at maybe 6 or 7 different airports, and then I land at some small airport that is near me for a landing challenge! If you are talking about a flight from point A to B, it takes about 30 minutes.

How do people fly on routes longer than 40 mins??? I just cant find a route longer.

Maybe they fly really slow :P

yeah, maybe. LOL

You just have to make it longer

Ah Okay. Thank you.

Around 40 minutes :)

I usually fly from KLAX to KSAN or vise versa, I fly FL200 and GS is 470kts. That usually takes 28 minutes. Longest flight though is from PHKO to PHNL. I fly the same speed but FL 250

I fly around from KSAN to KLAX but in between I circle the region which makes it about 1:20hrs, I get about 800-900 xp from it.

I usually do KLAX to KSAN flight too, takes about 30mins. But sometimes approach takes me to the opposite end of the runway from what I have filed,it can take about 40mins

Exactly when is that going to happen???