How Is Your Home Airport Handling Expansion?

Wow, nice to see all these fancy expansions and renovations. Cant say the same about my local airport, LATI. The terminal was built about 12 years ago, so you can say its ‘‘relatively new’’ but i think its way too small for the real potential it has. Its already running at its maximum capacity and number are growing year by year. I flew from there 2 weeks ago and the departure area was completely full of people, couldnt even walk at some point. Keep in mind November is one of the weakest months of year so i cant really imagine how it becomes during the summer. The only progress i ve seen is the reconstruction of the north taxiway, finally planes wont waste time back tracking to the end of the runway. I think we can still make it for a couple more years, but nevertheless something has to be done otherwise new flights wont be added and numbers will stagnate

My local airport EGCC has been growing year by year. Just this year they opened part of the new expansion. They plan to double the size of terminal 2 and its all meant to be complete by 2024 and be able to hold 35 million passengers a year!

Both of my home airports (KJAX and KSLC) are both seeing record passenger numbers and as a result both are expanding, JAX is adding a new concourse with 6 gates along with the 20 they have right now. That new concourse is able to be expanded to 12 gates in the future. As for SLC they are almost done building a brand new terminal which I can’t wait to see, that will open in September.

C and B I think

Mine is… Not doing anything?

Not too long ago, there was something with the Chinese company Alibaba who is going to settle there. Not sure if they’re already settled.

Terminal C hasn’t been rennovated yet.

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That’s why, I honestly remembered DFW being nicer. Still AUS is one of the nicest airports in the US

Traffic raising each year at my home airport of KEWR (Newark Liberty International Airport), right now Port Authority allowed for the redevelopment of current Terminal A which will be called Terminal 1. They have moved the UPS facility towards the end of Runway 11, adjacent to United’s Terminal C, Concourse C. Moving the UPS hub allowed for the development of the new Terminal 1.

Take a look below!


well CYVR is adding:
Peir D( Completion soon)
New operations center
NEw parking
New (proposed) taxi ways
New proposed 4th runway.
New biometrical things so you can use your face

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Austins Fairing Quite well.

Wow, these are all so cool!

What did the contractors do to be deserving of being fired?

Denver already has 6. Would the other 6 be intersecting the original 6 runways?

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As Denver’s current runways do not intersect, I do not know a definite answer but they most likely will not intersect as the purpose of this is to ease out traffic flow.

I honestly do not know why the contractors were fired.

My home airport of Missoula International has been in expansion for the past year and half. I think a few other Montana airports are expanding as well. Missoula’s terminal is too over crowded and we only have three jet bridges. So we are going to open a new terminal then bulldoze this one. It’s really sad to see it go, that’s what I have been familiar with for 14 years.

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Intriguing. Happy birthday btw.

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KBOS has been expanding like crazy with international flights and a “battle” between jetBlue and Delta (with a side splash of American trying to keep up)

The only casualty of this for me was the 24 hour Dunkin’ Donuts/Gas station that I used to use on the way to work that’s been replaced by construction of more Terminal E gates among many other things.


CLT is the same as BOS, construction timeline wise. However, American dominates down here.

Here in Brisbane they are so handy. It takes 2 seconds to get off an international flight and to the arrivals area.

Go to a machine accept the terms and then answer one question after scanning passport on where you have been and a ticket is printed. Go to The gates and put the ticket in and then your face is matched and let through to get bags. Then at immigration you just hand the ticket and your immigration form and your free


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