How is this possible?

I thought all flights to Italy were cancelled so how come there still are some flights?

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You can ask that here:

Basically, all non-US citizens were banned from entering the US from Europe. So US citizens can still enter the country. Most airlines have cancelled flights because of demand, but some are just consolidating


Alitalia has to make money somehow, and that may be they’re most profitable route whether they’re all quarantined or not

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But I thought that the entire country of Italy was on lockdown…

I’m guessing that all of the people on that flight are US citizens who coming back to the county because the lockdown didn’t apply to them if they left. It’s probably pretty empty though

Pretty much, and Alitalia has suspended most flights except for important international ones, such as flights to New York. From what it looks like, it’ll continue to operate until further changes.

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And President Donald Trump banned all flights from the EU airspace to enter the USA. Italy is part of the EU so…

No, he just banned non-US citizens coming from the EU


They aren’t banned. Non-U.S. citizens are banned for 30 days.


Answered above 😊