How is this possible

Someone on a cirrus flew from Australia to South America with only two refueling stops, flight time was at 36 hours, I didn’t think the cirrus could be refueled in the air, and surely can’t go 36 hours on tanks of fuel that’s 12 hours per tank?


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It’s a known bug allowing you to climb and reach absurd heights and speeds

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O right
So how does this bug occur?
Or is it just random

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Take a little prop (ie C172) and climb steadily by keeping enough speed not to stall

That’s it, have fun


Like @Q-ENAN said, it’s a glitch, but you have to get to 70-80,000 feet which takes a while in a small prop, and do this on Casual or Solo

He can do it in all servers

thanks I’ll try it

Will it work for the f22 or only props?

Only props

Guys based on the flight path he didn’t go up ridiculously high - @GoldFly if you look carefully there are are 2 spots where clearly an airport (presumably somewhere in French Polynesia) and then one of the Western Pacific Islands.

If you fly at low altitudes you can go quite far

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if he went high on LF it would show a red line or purple not a light blue

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If you have a full tank…
But even then, you would’t be saving as much fuel as you might be at 70000 feet.

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I do that all the time in the XCub, except I circumnavigate the earth with no refueling stops 😂

Not really, but I did go KJFK to YSSY in 1.5 hours in an XCub.

Once you learn to control your mixture, you can extend your fuel for quite some time, lol.

Just climb as fast as you can while still maintaining some airspeed. Once you reach 70,000 to 80,000 feet, you’ll start to go insanely fast and you can climb like a rocket. Make sure to level off at maybe 100,000 or 115,000 feet.


How do you do it?

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1.5 hours!? That’s insane! Qantas should look into the XCub lol


Just remember that pitch = airspeed.

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Lol 😂

But, really though… that’s how long it takes to fly a 737 or something from KSEA to KLAX.


So, I guess I can say I did Project Sunrise, sorta maybe, technically…? 😂


Exactly. I have to try this. Although, I guess it won’t be an over night flight…