How is this possible

@Omari_Joseph I saw u doing circuits at Chicago on a prop but 29 hours in one day?

I couldn’t get a photo but if you look at the leaderboard then go top time for today u will see

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How can you have 29 hours a day? He’s been on the the leaderboard for some time for flight time but NOT landings.

That’s a trick ;)

Shame @Omari_Joseph dosen’t do the public forum anymore :(. He could tell us more…

Haha, must be some sort of bug/glitch or hack. It’s pretty funny none-the-less but also pretty unfair for those who spend a lot of time in IF.

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Matt is in a better position to explain this!This guy must have a device fully dedicated to IF to make it that much

I’ve had issues with him as an ATC. For some reason, he almost always had “WiFi issues”.

You do realise something…
24 hours in an entire day, and this guy has 29! No one stays up all night gaming! And simple baby maths, 29 IS BIGGER THAN 24!

Yeah i did get it!that is beyond my explanation… Thats why i reffered to matt…maybe it was tagged as today but in real sense its for the last 48hrs…who knows!!because he sure did it…and that only makes sense if he did it in 48hrs

What he does is he make a huge fpl, go in a Cessna, then he turns on LiveFlight AutoNav, And goes to work.

Maybe while flying west in real life and going back in time because of the time zones. :)

I think he fly 29 hours or 15-20 hours in a same day and the time was saved as the same day

i today i made 2h and launch a 30 hours flight, it will displayed 32 hours… (i think)

The weather must be really calm for this to happen…AP disengages on extreme conditions on this small props

Guys he PMed me and stated that he bought the game the same as we all did and that he wasnt cheating.

My guess is that he moved the clock back on his device.

Anyways this is a flight sim, not a game, and so long as he wasn’t doing anything to make other’s experience any worse he’s fine- who actually cares about the leaderboard.


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