How is this inappropriate

Being that infinite flight does not have the callsign Compass I tried to make it on my home, but apparently the word “compass” is inappropriate.

It says Ass on it that’s why.


Besides that it’s still not Compass. It’s Charlie Oscar Mike Papa Alpha Sierra Sierra 1276. No one wants to listen to that mess.


I’ve never seen this before, it must be difficult to hear in a landing or takeoff.

Compass is an available call sign but agree with the other comment long drawn out call signs are awful to listen to especially in a crowded airspace


Best to use the preformatted airline callsigns that we have available to you. A lot of time and effort was put into making sure the vast majority of these airlines were covered. But like the other guys have said. Having to hear C O M P A S S over the radio takes up a lot of time and is simply put… a waste of precious time on and around busier airspace.