How is the iPhone X working for you?

Hey Guys!

So, recently, I had my 14th Birthday.

On Saturday, I plan on going to Ottawa and staying the night there. Hopefully I can get an iPhone X at the Apple Store!

I was wondering (If you have the iPhone X) How is it working for you when playing Infinite Flight? Does it run smooth, crash the app etc? Just kind of a general question here for any of you who have this Phone.


P.S Sorry if this is a dupe. I looked and really can’t find something like this

I did not have any problems.

The only downside with play IF on an iPhone is for me that I am sed to play it on an iPad wich I do normally use.
I do only use the iPhone X when the iPad is charging or not near me.

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I use the iPhone X and it works like a charm! There will be problems on any device you choose, but the X seems to not have as many. The notch doesn’t get in the way as much as people think it would. It’s a great choice!


You can look it up in this thread :)


The only annoying thing about the X is the “bar” at the bottom of the screen. Other then that it’s great!

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The IPhone X works great even though i still like to use my iPad since it burn though the battery and the notch is sometimes annoying but is still pretty good.

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