How is the Coronavirus Affecting The Aviation Industry?

Corona Virus

Hello everybody! I was thinking about the Corona Virus, and wondered. How has the virus affected the aviation industry?

Here is what i have found so far, but I’d love to add more if you guys have further information!

3. Over 50,000 flights have been cancelled, from more than 12 airlines.

2. China is the second largest aviation market after the U.S. Demand has fallen harshly, and things are expected to get worse.

3. Airlines that heavily rely on flights to/from china have had an average stock price drop of 8%.

4. Planes are being used to transport Corona Virus victims to different locations.

What do you guys know about the effects the Corona Virus has had on the Aviation Industry?


def the biggest impact is the cancelled flights part. just because of wuhan, other cities with like one or two cases maybe got flights cancelled. the fact that american cut all service to china for the time being is honestly bad for american


Sam chui just uploaded a video detailing the flights and cancellations


Unfortunately yep. I was halfway through Creating a video on the same topic :(

DL has no flights to China until at least April 30th.


Wow that’s crazy! I was only aware of the small stuff but thats big!


Hey Etrain!

Thanks for bringing this up! It’s certainly a major part of the industry, even if we don’t really realize it!

I have scoured the web looking for some info that may help you for your video, I have found this article that talks about a few more areas you haven’t talked about!

It’s this article entitled “How is the devastating Coronavirus affecting the aviation industry?” I hope you find it helpful for your video!

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Thank you! I’ll look into it.

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I can’t seem to find many safe places that are cheap to visit.

Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand, and the Netherlands are relatively safer. But of course, the prices are higher. If it were Rome, it’s fallen to around $360-$400 from SFO.

Some other countries that seem to be pretty safe and/or have taken precautions:

  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Poland

Most of the South American countries are still quite safe… Canada is also seemingly fine at the moment.

I don’t know where to travel though for my April vacations due to this… I guess I won’t be able to.

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I owned 3 shares of American Airlines. I sold out well ahead of this.

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