How is the community liking my group flights

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How are you guys liking my mountain GA group flights in Idaho and should I keep doing them?

Personally, what I would’ve done is just leave a poll at the bottom asking this question, not entirely necessary for a new topic, I suggest you do that next time as well.


I suggest that you keep rotating the areas or places you are hosting events, so people would not get bored. Also try some exotic places that are not commonly visited people and that might appeal to people more. That’s how I like events to be anyway.

All the places I have chosen nobody flys there, (I know disgusting grammar).

Idaho is very close to Montana, another great treasure of the US. Lots of awesome scenery there too so I suggest trying a flight from like Coeur d’Alene to Missoula or something like that.

Choose timeframes that are holidays, or where large amount of people are online like the COVID-19 period. That can get you more attendance and you just have a to try to find what the community likes most, as theres is no rulebook stating where people like to fly.

Like said, maybe try new places that aren’t flown to all the time, maybe somewhere that has a huge GA presence like KJEF, or just anywhere that might attract a certain group of people. If your events are organized well and are attractive to the eye, as well as at a good time, I’m sure you’ll have some success.

Couer d’ Alene doesn’t have any active spawn locations exept for runways.

You can try KBOI also

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I had a group flight from KMAN yesterday which is close to KBOI.

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Better to put polls at the end of your group flight. Free standing poll such as this is not necessary