How is my landing?

Give me suggestions.


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Feedback: not bad, but a little erratic. Try to keep a more constant thrust setting and rate of descent. You flared too early which caused you to float, so you pushed the airplane into the ground. Try gently reducing the thrust to idle and bringing the nose up a few degrees at around 30 ft, and you should settle softly onto the runway. Also, try to stay close to the glideslope - it will help you touch down at the right point. :)


Here is my feedback:

  1. Your approach seemed very unstable, try to have a better speed/ pitch control. Being steadier will help you.
  2. Your approach was very step, try to flatten your glide path to around 3 degrees, you can also follow the ILS/ GPS guidance. If you really want to perform a step approach (up to 5,5 degrees), use 35 degree of flaps.
  3. Try to be more accurate during your flare so you don’t land long. And hold your nose attitude, you shouldn’t be lowering the nose at 10 feet. It’s very dangerous in real life.

Hi Luigi,

to your landing:

  • It isn’t really needed to set the brakes before landing, this only makes the reverse nearly unnecessary and should be set later

  • Why did you set in the A/P to speed 160?

  • You could follow the glide slope better (too high)

  • Finally before landing you gave full thrust. In Aviation normally it will be never used full thrust unless there is a special reason

  • You landed good at the centerline (nearly perfect)

All in all 3 of 5 stars.


Although I agree concerning the full thrust action here. It can sometimes be required to set full thrust on final, for example: a few weeks back I was landing at LFOF, the approach (65 knots) was really done bumpy, at roughly 400ft, the airspeed suddenly dropped to 55 knots. I had to add to add full thrust to continue the approach safely and increase my airspeed.


Hmm…try using HDG to keep yourself in line, and maybe practice with the glide slope first, because it seemed like you were a bit high. Other than that, it was fine.

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Windshear can do this and makes it interesting.


I’m sure the passengers on this plane would have been sitting there sweating bullets hearing those engines surging from full power to idle, back to full power, and back to idle. Maintain a constant thrust (dependent on wind conditions, flap settings and your landing weight) with small adjustments to control your decent staying aligned with the glide slope. Turn your brakes off as you use the brakes after the reverse thrusters have slowed the plane down to around 60kts.

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Why did you point your descent away from the runway, and within the last thirty seconds, fix it? You really don’t want a really fast descent, it’s bad enough when you have to. You’d be sitting facing downwards at a 50 degree angle, and the switch from fast descent to flare is way too quick. Also, as someone stated, you pulled up the aircraft too early. No worries, on a tutorial on my PC game it explained how beginner pilots always do this. Doesn’t mean you can’t get better.

Try this out, and maybe you can come to my event at 4:30 pm NY time to show off your cooler landing. Good luck!

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