How is Laura on the ES as grade 2?

I was looking on live flight and seen @Laura on the ES and it said She was grade 2. But you must be grade 3 to be on the ES? Whats going on or have I just lost a brain cell?

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 12.23.33

Because she’s a head developer, She can do what she wants to do…


Ah, good point. I have losed a brain cell and can’t think. Thanks.


It’s basically her sim, so she can do whatever she wants and test or just flying. That’s it

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Also to add on to everyone else, please do not tag developers. They are extremely busy and this is really something that they don’t want to be wasting their time on.

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Nothing has been confirmed regarding a violation system. Just ignore the post, it’s safest not to speculate about anything if you aren’t sure. Misinformation is never a good thing


They actually mentioned introducing a new grade system. Just can’t remember where, Either on Twitter or in a Blog article…

This is getting off topic and let’s not start a new thought. Lets stop now :)

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