How is IF these days?

Hi there all, it’s been awhile since I have been with the community. I use to absolutely love this game, but when global was released, the game kinda died for me. I felt like I was back on solo mode, since everyone was no longer in a concentrated area, to now scattered across the world. I lost interest rather quick and my membership expired. It was hard for me to renew my annual subscription due to the cost, I instead purchased XP11 and it has kept me satisfied. I recently came across the app in my google play history and lead me to question if it has gained in popularity enough to feel worth playing.

How are the expert servers? Is there consistent ATC running? How many players would you find on average in main regions? Has taxi lighting / lights come into the game yet, or is night flying still horrendous? Would love to know how the game is going.


Infinite flight has grown a lot from its begining

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  1. There are still some “Trolls” on the Expert Server but they get ghosted as soon as they do not follow instructions/ fly into others etc.
  2. For most of the time there are at least one or two airports open. Usually it’s around 3-5.
  3. On the main airport controlled by ATC you will find around 10-20 aircraft. (Of course it depends on the time of the day).
  4. No, we sadly do not have Taxilights.

Yeah but imagine if we did have taxi lights i don’t even need to go to a real airport to see them

You know, this is exactly what I felt when global came out. My sub expired about a week after it came out, and I never did renew it. After just taking a break for a few months, I’ve come back and I’m not actually playing the game, but I’m trying to get back involved in the community.

Hello & welcome back!
Casual and Training Servers are more concentrated on KLAX, KJFK, EGLL. The expert server is widely concentrated on where the ATC is. Take a look at the schedule here. It changes every week, I believe.

I was supposed to post this yesterday but forgot to hit reply HuH??


I‘m also relatively new in the active community of IF, and I’m totally surprised (in a very positive way). The community is great, you will always get immediate support if needed, and there are lots of discussions about aviation going on. IF itself also got major improvements compared to 2012/2013. The newer or reworked planes are beautifully designed, and compared to other simulators on mobile devices it’s by far the best in my opinion. But still, it’s not comparable to any good simulator on the PC. Still no taxi lights, no interactive cockpit with working instruments and no animated airports. But all in all I really enjoy playing it, given, again, that it’s always in your pocket on your phone or tablet.


IF rocks, woot woot! Though I just joined a few months before the global upate last year, this simulator never fails to impress me! An amazing community and FDS team that reaches for the stars and achieves! (Fwi im very gratful there are no buildings bc mine and a lot of other devices would crash) when I first started I knew very little about aviation compared to what I know now, nine months of siming and I have now learned aviation physics, approach plates, executing a holding pattern, ATC, advanced recovery maneuvers, etc. I am very gratful to this community!


The regions had their charm; there was a quite good chance the key airports were staffed and you have a decent amount of traffic. Also low altitude scenery was a bit better than it is now.

When Global came out, very soon the IFATC community realised that this predictability for airports being staffed is essential to fun gameplay. So not long after Global release the concepts of IFATC areas was introduced: we get a post from Tyler each week, showing where we can expect IFATCs and what the focus airports are.

The population of pilots has grown a lot, and often the key airports get very busy. We’ve also seen many new IFATCs joining, so the staffing of the airports is getting quite good.

Recently I also came across some good ATCs on Training. Great!

The tutorial section is very good now, and we see many well educated pilots. Idiots we will always have.

We have new and also improved aircrafts. Many new airports and the largest part of the world now has HD scenery. Indeed, no taxi and platform lights, but I am confident this will come as well.

I invite you to give it a go, perhaps get trained as an ATC and help build the live environment.

Have fun! :-)


Here is my view from TS1. The IF community just wants too much realism in their sim. They make almost every single event on expert server. They make the restrictions too high so only if you spend your whole day on IF doing touch and goes in a C208 you can get halfway there. They recently introduced a thing where you had to have a lower ratio of violations then landings. That really pushed it over the top for me. Whenever I try to talk about it I get said “Some people want realism in there events.” I know that, I try to be as realistic as possible. It is just that the restrictions that I have to go to are way too high. I just want to fly with the community and have fun. Not deal with a bunch of people who want a flight simulator to be just like real life.

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Man, have we got a deal for you. We have three servers, each with their own group of people. I believe it’s impossible not to find an environment in IF where you find what you need.

Expert - for those who want IF to be as real life as possible. Trained IFATCs who will enforce this, and ghost if they have to. Tough entry criteria. Can’t do acrobatics near the airport, can taxi 50 kts; one violation and you’re out. No room for error - just like in real life. It’s a tough life, really.

Training - a wonderful mix of playful and serious people. Some really aim to learn there and want to fly on Expert and others are just here to fly and control a bit and they really don’t care much if they get a violation.

Casual - go crazy! The sky is the limit. No entry criteria, no rules enforced. No violations. Nothing. Just simple fun & games.

Take care now


My best tip for you is to do Trans-Atlantic flights while you sleep, that is how I gained a lot of XP.

Also the violations you get are for not following the basic “rules of the sky” as I call them.

Don’t overspeed, Below 250 knts under 10,000, Max taxi speed at 35 knts, these are the easiest rules to follow ever.

As for events there are plenty that are on TS, here is one right here, took me less than 2 minutes to find:

The community is great and the game is great. Although I do have to say I miss flying on the expert with all the pros. Does suck when you have little ones around but maybe in a couple months I’ll be back on the expert. That’s probably the only problem I have which is the expectations for expert. I always follow the rules and fly according to the expectations it’s just sometimes I go afk and get violations and sometimes my younger brother will turn off autopilot and rack me up about 30 violations so it’s really sucks

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You quit IF because of the cost but purchased XP11 instead? That logic doesn’t make sense as to play XP11 and have a decent experience with good frame rates you need at least a $1,500-2,000 machine unless you already have one. Then if you did have a decent gaming computer, why would you bother with this game when you have an actual simulator in the first place?

Trans Atlantic flights are too short to sleep on, best to do trans pacific flights whilst sleeping.

Do longer like New York to Melbourne so you can setup flight, go to sleep, go to school and land

I am on the same page as you man. I love the game, i love eveything but i am worried about the 50$ previous yearly cost. Although i purchased alot of the older pre update aircraft; i still am not sure how much it will cost to renew but i have had alot of negative community experience making my whole wanting to be on this community as religously as i was, neglagent. I have medical issues and am facing cancer as well and the last thing i want in this world is to come into a community where i am not accepted and wanted. Even though it might not be your reason, i still love the aviation community, due to medical reasons i cannot become a pilot or further down that path although i can dream on infinite flight and i can stay bedridden under the flightpath of my local airport.

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