How is global scenery done?

Hi there! I’m new to the IFC and I’ve had this strange but rather interesting question on my mind for quite some time. Now I know what you’re thinking “it’s made by satellite imagery” but I want a bit more than that like an short but precise explanation on how we get images from satellites to be pasted on a mobile flight simulator.

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The scenery is streamed from a third party provider I believe.


Yea it’s streamed/ supported by a 3rd party provider

Taken from the about section of the app


Thanks for the additional info but I’m inquiring about the process. For example: The scenery is wrapped around a virtual globe and then the elevations are produced manually, something like that is what I’m asking about.

Well if this helps IF doesn’t load the whole globe just scenery around you

My understanding of the development process of global is that the satellite imagery is coded in such a way that it wraps itself around a virtual globe with extremely accurate topography. Then they simply (or not so simply) code the forces to make a plane fly around that virtual globe. Only a small part of the globe is streamed to your device at a time, and it’s streamed at different graphic qualities depending on how far away it is from your aircraft. The resolution is raised as you get closer to that imagery, which is why sometimes (if you have a slow connection) you can see large squares of imagery suddenly improve in quality.


Well thanks you Jake as I believe you have answered my question. So I had somewhat of an idea of how this scenery is made. Thanks to everyone that helped me.