How is Alaska protecting its money maker from the Virus


As Alaska is one of four states that does not have any cases of Corona, we still are protecting our money maker. The Slope.

About 70 thousand people from all over the world work on the North Slope, home to one of America’s largest oil fields. Our oil giant Conocophilips has implemented health checkpoints for its commuter flights from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The measure comes as the COVID-19 outbreak is declared a global pandemic, and the U.S. declares a state of emergency.
On Wednesday, employees waiting to board planes to Kuparuk, North America’s second-largest oil field, were screened for illness and exposure risk, including having their temperature taken.

Employees who pass the screening exams are given purple bracelets and allowed to board. Those who do not pass are turned away and required to get a doctor’s clearance before return to work.

The proactive measures are in line with workplace guidance issued by the CDC and the World Health Organization, which has urged employers to have sick employees stay home and to send employees home who show up to work ill or who become ill while at work.

Conco hasn’t said anything about this. Shared Services Aviation, which provides daily flights for the company, is “a co-venture between ConocoPhillips and BP,” according to a ConocoPhillips’ website, and “transports more than 27,000 employees and contract workers every month between Anchorage, Fairbanks and the North Slope.”

A recently released economic study by the McDowell Group underscores the importance of protecting Alaska’s oil-industry workforce from an infectious disease outbreak.

The study, commissioned by the Alaska Oil and Gas Association and released in January of this year, studied 2018 economic data from the state’s major oil and gas companies. The study found that the industry as a whole accounts for as many as 77,600 jobs, $4.8 billion in Alaska wages, and $3.1 billion in state and local taxes and royalties.

Shared Services currently operate Boeing 737s and a Dash 8-Q400.


Alaska confirmed its first case of Corona after a Cargo Airline crewmember came through, as the Government says there’s no need to panic or cause hype over this situation.




YYEEPP time to change the headline lol.
A bunch of my friends and I have decided since school is no longer being held in classes to have our own Coronavirus party.

This corona is spreading, but this month, it has launched through the roof.

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Well, this was a great read, thanks so much!

Nice topic, didn’t know about this! RIP with the first case in Alaska…

Lol RIP We’re going be okay as the Governor said, no need to panic or cause hype.

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oMg, tHerE iS 1 case of CoRoNa In AlAsKa, tHe wHole PoPulAtiOn wIlL bE inFecTed.

I am so sorry.

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We have 200+ in California

Ok then, this about Alaska. Pretty cold.

My March illness bracket is all jacked up now @RotorGuy . 😩 still pulling for Bama!

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I can’t believe we lost

Thank you for your constant updates keeping Alaska in the minds of people. We’re pretty much another country 😂


Some dude landed at PANC today with Coronavirus. I’m not even scared. Bring it.

It’s not even a big deal; the media is freaking out and most of those that have died are elderly and/or have something like cancer or diabetes, etc.

I’m not saying I don’t care about those affected. I pray for them and their families and everyone affected. I’m just saying that there’s really no need to worry too much. If you get it, chances are you’ll get over it just fine.

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It’s not. I don’t really care; I don’t really get offended, but we are part of the US. We are part of the continental US even. We’re on the same continent. We’re not contiguous, but we’re just as ‘Merican and sometimes even redneck as some of y’all, if not more so.

I just was joking that people probably often think of Alaska as something else.

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that took a turn for the worse. No hard feelings, man.

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Aaaaaaaanyway, yeah, it’s nice to see them taking measures to protect people.

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