How Ironic…

As we all know, the E175 has been released this morning along with the rest of 22.7. Today I took a flight to California for vacation, and ironically flew on a Delta E175. I can’t believe I flew on an airplane that was released into infinite flight the same day! Here are a few photos from my flight:

Flight Details

Route: Salt Lake City - Sacramento
Flight Time: 1 hour 42 minutes
Aircraft: E175
Airline: Delta Connection

Aircraft pulling into the gate

Window seat let’s gooo!

Approach into Sacramento

It was a very enjoyable flight overall, and I can’t wait to recreate this flight in the simulator. Thanks for reading!


Is that SLC😯😯!!!

Salt lake city looks great in 3D!


Yeah! The sunrise looks great from the airport

It looks so good irl and in 22.7

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My dad took a Delta E175 from Tulsa to Salt Lake City today.


I think this has been the most comfortable ERJ flight I’ve ever done tbh. Mostly because of the smooth takeoff and landing.

This looks like a fun flight to do if you remember can you please tell me what time you departed SLC

I departed at roughly 8:15 a.m, at gate B1.

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