How Infinite Flight's Airports grew and became more complex - Visualized

Hi, this is a follow up to this post. It took 43GB of data, 56 out of 16 physically existing GB of RAM, an hour to analyze and a few more to visualize, but this is finally it. I’ve realized that the airport additions and changes didn’t represent the true scale of how much work was being done, so I thought I’d focus more on the actual airports this time around. Also, by suggestion from @Major-Tom, I’ve also found a way to link the progress to time by making graphs that represent the amount of additions/deletions divided by time from the previous release to the current, also known as additions/deletions per day.

ATC Frequencies

Gate Sizes

Surface Types

Airports per Class

Airport Objects (Lines, pavement, Runways)

Extra - Days between releases

Download/View the Data

Releases from IFAET Github
Color palettes from
Data analyzed using Swift
Graphs made with the help of Numbers for Mac
Graphs beautified using Sketch


WOW!! That is truly so cool to see!!

Very interesting!! Thanks for taking time to make all these graphs!
One question: What are Beizer Nodes/Normal Nodes used for?

Nodes are points with a coordinate which, while connected, make up either an enclosed pavement figure or a line. Beizer curve is something like that, but it also takes a control point for determining the curve, which determines how the curve looks. If you’ll need a wikipedia article to read at 3AM like we all do sometimes, the one on beizer curves is a cool one if you’d like to learn more about the mathematics behind it

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Ah, I understand. Very interesting and thanks for the link!

Wait there are airports with snow for surfaces? Wow, I didn’t even know that!

Amazing graphics!

Yep, there actually are some, most of which are in Antarctica

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Very cool to see all this data visualized.

If you need any specific data, feel free to let me know

Thank you for your time and effort to make such an interesting topic.
Fascinating stats!

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