How Infinite Flight Keeps You Safe on the IFC

How Does Infinite Flight Keep You Safe on the IFC?

At Infinite Flight we take your privacy and safety as the most important part of what we do. Staying safe on our online forum and in-app servers is paramount, and we want to be as open and accountable in how and why we do this. This topic explains the automated processes, policies, and practices that we undertake to make sure you are safe on Infinite Flight. These are the most important processes and there are many other safety processes we have not covered in this guidance that work in the background.

Spam filters

Spam filters are a set of features that are built into this forum and are managed by the staff team. This filter is set off by a range of situations including, but not limited to:

  • IP matches between users in a conversation
  • A set number of flags on a certain post
  • Incomplete and unclear bodies of text

There is a range of other measures in place that are not covered here that are in place to cover a range of other situations.

Why are these important?

Spam filters are important as they do the bulk of the work to catch issues before they surface and have to be dealt with by our moderation team. These help our team focus on more important and pressing issues that need more attention. They also mean that there are good protections in place for the average user and for the protection of this forum as a whole.

How do these keep me safe?

Automatic features allow us to keep a constant safety presence on the forum. Even when our moderation team may have reduced availability during certain periods of the day, you can be sure that the many spam filters are working away in the background, and will both stop issues from being present, or will go on to flag issues that it finds are already present. The moderation and staff team will then review these as soon as they can.

Watched words

Watched words are a filter we have added to flag any words or phrases that are deemed inappropriate. We also have a further system that bans comments, messages, or topics with any phrase or word we choose. In total, this features consists of the following sections:

Why are these important?

Watched words are key as they allow us to indirectly monitor DMs without being invasive to our users. Moderators do not have access to DMs until a flag is created and having this feature scan all aspects of the forum for these words allows us to cover all locations without invading privacy.

How do these keep me safe?

DMs, in particular, can be a place where people feel they can say and do as they please. As moderators cannot see these messages unless flagged, an automated system that checks these for them allows the users to feel safe and means we can catch safeguarding issues before they become a significant issue.

Staff training and moderator vetting

Staff and moderators have been briefed on safeguarding policies and are up to date with the latest safeguarding advice from leading online charities and organisations.

Moderators are selected through a multi-step process. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. A vetting of their Infinite Flight Forum profiles
  2. Face to face meetings
  3. A period of probation after selection
Why is this important?

Ensuring those who look after the community are of good stature, are trustworthy, and also adhere to the general terms and conditions set out for this forum and the Infinite Flight App is key. This helps us ensure accountability and openness, and ensures we pick the best people for the role

How does this keep me safe?

If our moderators and staff are better trained, they can help address situations before they become an issue. They can also have a better understanding of how to address issues that have been brought before them, knowing when to escalate things if needed. It also means that situations can be addressed with the respect and confidentiality needed, all within GDPR and COPPA regulations.


Safeguarding is the process of protecting children and vulnerable adults. We have recently introduced new policy on this, and all staff and moderators have been briefed on how to use this and work with it. You can read our policy by heading to:

Why is this important?

The safety of children and vulnerable people is our number one priority here on the Infinite Flight forum. By having clear procedures to deal with issues affecting these people, and all users, we can make sure our other policies adhere to this standard and can make changes were needed.

How does this keep me safe?

Our safeguarding policies gives clear and easy to understand processes to help address online safety issues for our users. If you feel unsafe, or if you feel there is a safeguarding issue that needs to be reported (for what constitutes a safeguarding issue please see our policy), this process gives you the tools to ensure we can address the situation seriously and help support you or any affected party as best we can.


Great Misha ! Feels more safe here 😉


This is awesome! Very nice job!

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Excellent topic, Misha!

It’s great to see that you’re all being as clear as you can be about this, especially when we’re living in a world where more and more people, especially younger users, are using the internet and more and more people are vulnerable.

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I feel safe here :) @MishaCamp

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Wow! What an informative topic! There truly is a lot that goes on behind the scenes here on the forum! These hidden perks are all that keep us secured and safe!

Fantastic job as always mods and staff! 🙌🏽🤩

IFC has always felt as one of the safest online forums around. Glad to see the efforts put into ensuring this.

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Great Info.
Allthough I feel very safe here, its great to catch a look on how its been handled in the Background.
I personally have the feeling that this Forum aswell as IF overall (well, the Staff/Mod Team and all members) do a great Job maintaining a high level of security here so everyone can use this as a safe space, which is, speaking for me, a really important thing, as IF takes a lot of hours a day .

thank you Misha and every single one of you beautiful people out here who makes this Sim and its Community so great and enjoyable, as it is today❤️
xo Leah


Thanks for the update on safety to all the team, it’s great to see you paying attention to the safety and wellbeing of members on this community. I hope this will encourage more people to be happy and comfortable at where they are, than being at risk of any harm online. 😄

I’m definitely one big supporter, once again, thanks for your hard work and devotion togehter 👏

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Wow, very informative and nice to see what goes on in the background. Safety is a very important issue on big forums like these and its reassuring to see that its taken seriously and to see all the procedures you have implemented.

I do think people need to know how to present themselves on the IFC regardless of there “safe words” but great to have them nonetheless. That is of course unless, like me you make typo’s and the system flags it as a watched word.

Seeing that mods are picked through a rigorous process is really reassuring it shows you only pick the best people and that they will lead the forum forward.

I do really like the information and would like to see more behind the scenes stuff.

Cign :)

Very interesting. Thanks for the informations Misha!

I now feel safer in IFC than outside 😁

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Great Topic and Information … thanks!

This is great! I feel very safe and happy that y’all genuinely care and wan’t to keep us safe! thank you!

Great job Misha - however I have one more question:

Then why do people deliberately crash into each other :)

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By this they mean but not limited to: inappropriate display names, trolling etc

There will always be people like this unfortunately 😒

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That’s great job … Thanks

I know - I was making a joke :)

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Thank you Misha and the Infinite Flight team! I am on the forum everyday and right now especially with what’s going on in the world right now, this and Infinite Flight are one of my safe places.