How in the world did he get up here?!?!?!

Hi all. I was just doing a flight on the brand new E175 at LGA (Devs you guys did awesome!) and when I went in to replay to watch my landing, I found someone! @Moritz!
now im just confused on how in the world he was let into the ATC tower at LaGuardia


What Im really confused is why they made that illusion in the first place. My heart stopped for a second when I seen it 😭

Bro it’s magic, and as a matter a fact, it is a design of that man being up there. So, it’s magic


Where’s security when you need them? Naughty Moritz XD

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in the second photo right?

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Yup, that one specifically.

Special privileges

@Moritz is all powerful

Interesting 🤔🤔