How Important is Realism?

You both understood and explained masterfully I once again thank you for another clear explanation. Also after I had posted this question to you I started using rudder on takeoff and have remedied the issue so thank you very much once again! I bid you adieu and happy successful flights sir!!!

Wow, thank you! I will give it a shot

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Is a must I fly everything as realistic as possible I get the FPL’s from FlightAware concert them using @Chris_S’ lovely website find the closest aircraft to the real one in the sim (if a BA 787-8 is being used I use the -9 same with United and so forth) I follow the correct altitudes, (if bad winds I will climb/descend to calmer weather) I don’t use the real callsign as I have the one I use for TFC.

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I enjoy realistic liveries and realistic aircraft to fly said liveries with. However, certain things I do aren’t so realistic.

Sometimes, I decide I want to fly an unrealistic cargo/airline run. Last year I took Korean Air Cargo from Pyongyang to Pristina (and crashed in the Alps on approach RIP). But at the end of the day, it is up to you as to what you consider realism.

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