How Important is Realism?

Realism is important, but there are not many flights that are scheduled at my convenient time. Sometimes, I pretend it is a real world flight but other times, I look up flights that are my convient time, I copy down the flight plan, plane, and time of departure, and then I go when the real world flight goes.

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I suppose I fly realistically, not to the real world routes or using the proper livery. But all my flights are planned, I execute approaches as best I can without having charts to hand and I only ever landed at KNUC in military aircraft.

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Realism is good for me, for example I don’t cruise at 5000ft across the pacific, but I don’t follow every real world procedure such as making a very detailed flight plan

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I don’t fly real routes as there aren’t a lot of ULH out there. However I do use charts, the correct parking and I combine two flights Flight Number to get the FlightNumber I will use

Sometimes I fly a generic 737 around Australia because there are no Qantas or Virgin Australia liveries for them yet and I am pretty tired of flying the same old Jetstar and Tigerair A320s :( pls add more 737 liveries

Annnnndddddd, the next 15 replies are related to liveries, routes, and gates.

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I would use realistic flight plans and cruise altitudes, but I don’t normally use SIDS or STARs. It’s something I’d like to learn to use at some point. I do use ground charts to navigate the airport and sometimes try and find a flight that departs at the same time as I’m departing. So all in all realism isn’t overly important to me, but I consider it at times.

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I am glad someone has brought this subject up, I’ve viewed videos on reading departure, arrival, and approach charts, as well as stars, enroute, and so on I admittedly am having an issue understanding it fully, is or if a. Anyone willing to put in just a small amount of time to assist or b. Can offer up some source that explains the charts, enroute, and all more thoroughly and maybe step by step. I’m by no means a big dummie, but what gets me most is taking and applying a departure to an enroute then the connection with arrival and approach! Besides that I keep it or try to at least as real as possible. See y’all up there and any help would be greatly and immensely appreciated!

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Lucky you:

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I put my XP, grade and screenshots of my best ATC interactions onto my LinkedIn profile because not only do I value Realism™ but I also use it to show potential employers just how much of a Professional I am.

@Tim_B Thanks for that, I always forget using the app for the forum here that I could search for some things. OK that being said I have one other question I realize the issue but just to be sure during takeoff from time to time I only use a tablet for yoke, and occasionally a keyboard in addition when I rotate the plane will push off to one side or the other is this an issue with me not using proper flap settings?

This is what was suggested on the forum not sure that you had seen it. Maybe we can go through it together (if you have questions maybe I can answer, and vice versa).


When I copy paste in my simbrief FPL IF never gets it right

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I care about it a lot, but I do fly random and weird routes occasionally.

For me, I like to practice it in the operation of the flight, like parking at the right gate, proper climbing, etc.

But because we don’t have to worry about demand for certain places or stuff like that, I have no problem flying a route that doesn’t actually exist.

Because some of those waypoints are missing. Use to copy the Simbrief flight plan and have it converted to an Infinite Flight flight plan. This software was made by @Chris_S. Any waypoints Simbrief has but Infinite Flight, can convert them into waypoints you can copy over.

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@Maxmustang say whatever you want I’m not removing my “honorary regular” title

Generally if you are experiencing yaw left or right, it’s due to some sort of crosswind (assuming I am thinking correctly about what you’re asking). You don’t want too much flap extension on takeoff as it is, 5-10 depending on the plane, not full flaps. If it’s really windy on landing, occasionally you’ll skip the last flap setting, and while the same principle would apply to takeoff, you generally shouldn’t have that much flap extension to begin with. If you’re taking off with full extension, then yeah, you have way too much. But if you’re at 5-10 or whatever, that’s not an issue.

But yaw upon takeoff is actually caused by the wind which passes over your tail, pushing it to one side or the other, which in turn causes your nose to yaw the opposite direction (think of turning a pencil: if you push the eraser end to the right, the writing end will point to the left).

This can generally be resolved by applying a little bit of rudder to counteract the force of the wind. Not full rudder, but enough to counteract the induced yaw from the wind. It’s kind of a feel thing. Can’t really say ‘apply exactly this much’.

Apply it in the direction opposite of the direction your nose is being forced. If you’re experiencing yaw to the right, apply a little left rudder, and vice versa.

[You’d obviously drift if you don’t keep your wings level as well. I’ve never used a keyboard, so I don’t know if that forces you to take a hand off the tablet and you may turn the plane about that axis unintentionally (i.e. tilting the tablet left or right a bit).]

Hopefully I understood your question correctly. If not, let me know.

Must admit, this is totally me.

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I’ll be honest, I don’t really do the Airline:Airport:Route thing, but I do flights with realism meaning I follow traffic flow on the taxiway, I don’t cut in line on final at a busy airport, or I use flaps and etc… on aircraft. I know IF isn’t on PC, but don’t disrepect IF and call it a game because it’s on Mobile Phones. The Devs try their hardest to get realism into the sim. For sakes, Larua could of used a Unity 3D platform. Then, that would be a game, not a simulator.